Animal use and abuse is not anarchist

I’ve been kicked off more anarchist Facebook groups now than I can count. Why? Because I dare to point out the hypocrisy of so many claiming to stand for equality whilst they completely ignore, and in some cases try to argue in favour of, the use and abuse of our fellow non human animals.

When I can’t sleep, which is most nights, I read articles on fb pages on my phone, which in turn means I can’t sleep and so on it goes, Facebook is an addiction, but that’s a whole other rant so will leave that for another day.

This one particular article really appealed to me and I read it with hope and enthusiasm, that another world IS possible but at the same time, as I read, I knew it was coming, the total disconnect that so many anarchists have when it comes to using animals as ‘food‘.

The article talks about the carbon emissions of mechanised farming, of deforestation, soil erosion, how those of us that live in urban environments believe that nature is something far away and to be visited, not something that can be around us even in towns and cities, and all that is bad about the way our food is grown today.

It then provides many positive changes that can be made to create anarchist urban eco-systems such as green roofs, community farms on undeveloped and abandoned land, vertical farms amongst others. These will lead to a larger sense of community and togetherness, a reconnection with a lost nature, a sense of productiveness that has worth rather than that forced on us in the capitalist workplace as well as the benefits of a nicer place to live, less infrastructure needed to transport food so less emissions, less destruction of nature to build roads and so on.

It is a great article, I urge you all to read it…..however, there is one paragraph that lets is all down and negates it all from being a true anarchist urban ecosystem:

“To add to the richness and diversity of this new urban eco-system, the re-introduction of livestock (specifically dwarf or mini-breeds) and poultry would well round the overall effect of creating a complete and harmonious system and aid in natural, chemical and toxin free, pest control while simultaneously providing sources of high-quality, local meat, eggs and dairy.”

How is this anarchist? Did the author not stop to think for even one second whilst typing the word ‘livestock’ that they were being a complete and utter hypocrite?

Live. Stock.

If ever a word denigrated a living being to worthlessness it is ‘livestock’. How can they have written all that they did above and then so easily dismiss the lives of other, than human, animals? How is the raising and slaughter of living beings in any way ‘harmonious’? Either for the animals themselves or for the anarchist community? Someone still has to be the one that cuts their throat, that person will be an oppressor, a murderer, the very thing that anarchism opposes.

How can ‘richness and diversity’ include the control, manipulation and murder of other living beings?

How is the breeding of, I assume, genetically modified, dwarf or mini breeds going to aid in natural pest control? I’m no expert but I’ve never heard of mini pigs or dwarf cattle being responsible for ‘pest’ control?

And there’s that word, as someone who has a huge respect for rats, that I loath, ‘pest’. How can a self proclaimed anarchist determine who is a ‘pest’ and who isn’t?

I’m tired of blatant anti-speciesism from the anarchist community and when it’s challenged the uproar is ridiculous, I’ve been accused of being a fascist and blocked/censored/silenced for putting human and non-human animals on the same level of respect and need for equality, that somehow they can’t actually comprehend that to draw a line between human and non human is discrimination, that to believe that it’s ok to continue eating other animals in an anarchist society is NOT anarchist, you cannot call for the end of oppression whilst yourself being the oppressor of billions of other lives.

Link to original article

2 thoughts on “Animal use and abuse is not anarchist

  1. Really good blog here and excellent points made! I hope many people read this with an open heart and mind and really take note. You can’t stand for equality and then push inequality and actually fight for it at the same time.
    It’s conformist hypocrisy.
    Perhaps a lot of anarchists don’t really know what the word truly means, I know I didn’t really understand it at first and I am sure I have a lot to learn. I think sometimes it’s just a way for an angry trouble maker to join a group rather than stand for something they believe in maybe? This might lead to the complete disconnect with the equality topic.
    Looking forward to hearing more from the Veganarchist 👍🏻


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