Let’s talk waste at vegan fairs….

It seems like now there’s several vegan fairs happening most weekends pretty much all year round, I’m gonna try keep this blog focused cos I could easily wander off topic into what I feel is so wrong with so many of the new fairs, but one thing they all have in common is WASTE.

What’s the point in living vegan if we are not all being conscious of the amount of rubbish we are responsible for, how many times have you been to a fair, consumed loads of great food all served up in plastic and polystyrene with plastic cutlery and then just thoughtlessly chucked it in the bins provided?

Vegan fair organisers, vendors and consumers need to start really looking at this issue and making positive changes, I’ve never seen fair adverts or promotional materials encouraging visitors to bring their own cups, containers and cutlery.

Most of us now have some kind of eco friendly coffee cup, you can pick them up pretty much everywhere now – so take it with you to the next fair. I’ve seen collapsible silicone travel cups, these won’t be as eco friendly as bamboo but if space is an issue this is another option and they seem to be pretty cheap.

Bamboo travel cutlery sets or stainless steel camping cutlery sets can be bought really cheaply.

Stainless steel camping plates or containers range from a couple of quid for a plate to a fiver for a container with a sealed lid, they’re not heavy and really easy to wipe down between savoury and sweet.

It should be standard to take our own utensils to fairs.

Some vendors may be using biodegradable or compostable containers but I’m afraid this is not an answer to the plastic problem, if these waste items end up in landfill, which they most likely will, then they will be starved of the three things they need to break down: heat, light and oxygen so they also will never ‘go away’.

Simple solution, put together a small and cheap vegan fair planet survival kit, cup, container and cutlery and take it with you, it’s so easy it’s ridiculous.

Fair organisers and vendors please remind visitors to bring their own on your flyers and social media pages.

I’d really like to hear responses from organisers and food vendors, let’s make this the norm.

For more detailed info on why biodegradable and compostable plastics are not the answer click here.

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