Ferrets and Flu

I’ve been in bed the last couple of days feeling pretty rough with some kinda cold/flu/stomach bug thing, it’s not pleasant and a little frustrating as I can’t stand not being active but ultimately I know it’s only temporary and despite the prospect of having to sit in an office with a manager having to justify my time off work in a day or two when I feel well enough to go back, it will all be forgotten fairly soon and I can go back to my normal life.

Not so for the ferrets, guinea pigs and mice.

They will die.

These are the animals of choice for influenza (and other respiratory diseases) research, and not forgetting the hens whose eggs are used to grow the viruses and the pigs whose kidneys are used for the same purpose.

A quick search of some open access research papers whilst I’m sitting comfortably at home makes for grim reading, you don’t need to be a so called scientist to get the gist of these things and as empaths it is not hard to imagine and feel what these animals are bring subjected to.

The first paper I found was research conducted at the notorious Porton Down in Wiltshire, run by the Ministry of Defence and funded by taxpayers, this place is literally hell on earth. 24 female ferrets, sourced from Highgate Farm in Lincolnshire, had chips inserted into their spines and then had the influenza virus introduced via their noses. The paper says that the virus was propagated in MDCK cells, the CK stands for ‘canine kidney’ – there’s a whole other hell right there. There undoubtedly would have also been a placebo group, another 24 ferrets kept in the same conditions but not given the virus, they would either have been killed at the end of the study or used again in the next one.

The ferrets temperatures were monitored by the chips that had been inserted and nasal washes obtained. I’m unsure of how long the study lasted but they were ultimately killed and their lungs dissected.

I found other studies conducted around the world on guinea pigs, mice and pigs, clearly there is a fear of mutations of avian and swine flu, which lead to me finding another very interesting study which took place in Michingan in the U.S, in a nutsell this was a study monitoring those people who were showing pigs at agricultural fairs, it was a daily text based system asking about any changes in health, totally non invasive and hardly of any great inconvenience to those involved.

Why can these people just not admit that the cause of these mass outbreaks of influenzas are due to the horrific conditions that farmed animals are kept in, they clearly know this by monitoring the health of those humans that are living their comfortable lives around the disease and death of massive factory farms. The solution is so bloody simple, go vegan, so why does it not end? The farming of animals for food and the resulting scientific studies and peer reviewed papers, many of which take place in universities, why does it not end?

Another very simple answer: PROFIT

There is money in death, farmers earn money from death, vivisectors and universities are awarded grants for death, breeders supply pathogen free animals for vast amounts of money for death, companies pay contract testing laboratories lots of money so they can make profits on the back of health claims or safety claims on the deaths of millions of animals in torture labs.

We may win individual battles, fought by hard working, dedicated activists, but we will not win the war until everyone acknowledges that we also need to fight the reason behind all animal suffering, and that is a monetary system based on profit.

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